Design better products by learning from the best

We’ve curated flows from the world’s best products into one easy-to-use app. Browse user flow recordings from leading apps and services like Uber, Airbnb, Instagram & more.

    Klues - Design better products by learning from the best. | Product Hunt

    Empower your research with user flow videos

    UX patterns and competitive research, both rolled in one app. Browse individual apps, filter by the flow or by the industry. 

    iOS, Android, web or desktop. We've got you covered

    Observe how companies use device-specific design patterns to deliver the best experience on every screen.

    Don't reinvent the wheel. Learn from world's best products

    Do you know how to design an onboarding flow that converts? Well, if not, then why re-invent the wheel when there are hundreds of examples out there?

    For designers, product managers, researchers & product teams

    Klues is the ultimate app for your daily work. Gain insights from products across many industries, from finance to social media.

    What others are saying

    This looks awesome. Like an actually useful dribbble. I would use this all the time.
    Emma Gilbert
    Senior Product Designer
    I could see something like this eventually becoming another staple tool for design teams.
    Carolann Merchant
    Senior Product Designer
    This is such a good idea! I've been looking for something just like this!
    Edmond Lau

    Why you’ll love Klues

    New products every week

    We’re going to be adding new products every week, based on your requests

    iOS, Android, web & desktop

    Recordings from various platforms. iOS, Android, web and desktop

    Products you can’t reach

    Products from markets and industries you otherwise can’t sign up for or download

    Videos & screenshots

    Learn from a curated collection or user flow videos and screenshots

    Search & filters

    Find the exact flows or products that you need by searching and filtering

    Collect & export

    Create your own collections and export them in your favourite format

    The best flows on the planet, at your fingertips.

    Watch user flows recordings, understand competitors and learn from the best.

      Klues - Design better products by learning from the best. | Product Hunt

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